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Meet Our Team
Project Manager
He went out hiking to discover the nature amid dense forests during summer. He loves pets. Great multitasker and adventurer! You’ll have a great time working with our PM.
Project Co-ordinator
Meet our Project Coordinator! A parent of a very charming girl and a boy in third grade. She’s a Facebookaholic and just outstanding at work.
Our team of translators are research oriented and technology-savvy professionals. They have strong professional and academic backgrounds in translation. Almost everyone now is equipped with CAT (computer-aided translation) tool.
Quality Control
Our proofreaders track and fix typos, conformity issues, and terminology inaccuracy in a translated file. They are research oriented and attentive to detail.

Confidentiality Of Your Contents

We handle your material with great care and responsibility. We know that your documents are confidential and follow strict regulations about keeping all information private.

Why Human Translation?
At the end of the day, automatic and machine translation tools and dictionaries all fall down when compared against a trained human translator who has spent years studying and truly understanding the languages you need to translate. No algorithm or programmed resource—at least not yet—has been able to appropriately capture context, meaning, tone, and even inflection the way a human being can communicate in multiple languages.
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ProzGlot stands for Language Professional. We are a language service provider company based in Canada.
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Certified translation of administrative documents

Certified translation of birth certificate

Certified translation of birth certificate
Certified translation of birth certificate
Certified translation of birth certificate

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